“The programme brought new work, … and the participation of the City Chamber Choir, a fine advocate for the Rutter score and the Fauré Pavane.”
Clement Crisp, Financial Times

“City Chamber Choir [gave] an exquisite rendition of John Rutter’s Magnificat.” Evening Standard

“And the live music from the English National Ballet Orchestra and the City Chamber Choir was truly unbelievable. The acoustics of the string instruments and live choir in the building, sights of the ballet dancers and the backdrop of ornate decor of the interior of the cathedral made it seem like we were sitting in 1600s London. And it was divine.” From April to Table blog

“The dancers were ever so graceful and were accompanied by fantastic music by the Orchestra of English National Ballet featuring City Chamber Choir. One of the highlights was during Of A Rose where it featured a solo soprano voice and the 15th century English poem Of a Rose, a Lovely Rose against the backdrop of St Paul’s magnificent altar. What a brilliant evening set in such an historic place with beautiful dance, music and a celebration of art.” Martian Landing blog

Reviews of English National Ballet at St Paul’s Cathedral 3 July 2012, with choral accompaniment by City Chamber Choir

‘A whole evening of unaccompanied music of considerable complexity was delivered with panache and elegance.’ 
Church Times

‘… magically sung’
The Independent

‘My favourite thing about this choir is the very clear, hard edged confident sound it makes, which is thrilling and refreshing.’ Judith Weir 

‘You demonstrated some real warmth of tone and a wonderfully communicative style.’ Ralph Allwood

‘A delicious performance, and the balance between solo performers and the chorus was excellently judged.’ Gregory Rose

‘Beautiful, rich, sonorous, with good tuning. Good discipline.’ Ken Burton

Sainsbury’s Choir of the Year Competition

One of the musical delights of this summer’s music in London was a programme devoted to the choral and piano music of E. J. Moeran … The City Chamber Choir’s splendid choral tone was very apparent … I found a particular enthusiasm from the singing, enhanced by excellent acoustics. 

Mr Jones is a very fine choral trainer and he knew exactly how to draw out the best of his 24 voices; it is clear he paid a lot of attention to their diction. … I look forward to hearing more of this very talented choir…’ British Music Society News